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Handbook of Fractional Calculus with Applications by Ivo Petráš

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Handbook of Fractional Calculus with Applications written by Ivo Petráš Technical University of Košice, Inst. of Control & Informatization of Production Processes, BERG Faculty, 042 00 Košice, Slovakia, ivo.petras@tuke.sk. The Handbook of Fractional Calculus with Applications provides the readers with a solid and systematic treatement of main aspects and applications of fractional calculus. Motivatd by these ideas, the editors of the volumes involved a team of internationally recognized experts for a joint publishing probject offering a survery of their own and other important results in their fields of research.

Handbook of Fractional Calculus with Applications written by Ivo Petráš cover the following topics.

  • Nonlinear control methods
    Blas M. Vinagre, Inés Tejado, and S. Hassan HosseinNia

  • Dynamical properties of fractional models
    Jocelyn Sabatier and Christophe Farges

  • Modified versions of the fractional-order PID controller
    Ivo Petráš

  • H8 and H2 control of fractional models
    Christophe Farges, Jocelyn Sabatier, and Mathieu Chevrié

  • Stability analysis of discrete time distributed order LTI dynamic systems
    Hamed Taghavian and Mohammad Saleh Tavazoei

  • Continuous-time fractional linear systems: transient responses
    Manuel D. Ortigueira, Duarte Valério, and António M. Lopes

  • Continuous-time fractional linear systems: steady-state responses
    Duarte Valério, Manuel D. Ortigueira, J. A. Tenreiro Machado, and António M. Lopes

  • State space methods for fractional controllers design
    Inés Tejado, Blas M. Vinagre, and Dominik Sierociuk

  • Posicast control of fractional-order systems
    Emmanuel A.Gonzalez

  • FOMCON toolbox for modeling, design and implementation of fractional-order control systems
    Aleksei Tepljakov, Eduard Petlenkov, and Juri Belikov

  • FOTF Toolbox for fractional-order control systems
    Dingyü Xue

  • Fractional-order controllers for mechatronics and automotive applications
    Paolo Lino and Guido Maione

  • Fractional-order modeling and control of selected physical systems
    Andrzej Dzielinski, Dominik Sierociuk, and Grzegorz Sarwas

  • Control of a soft robotic link using a fractional-order controller
    Concepción A. Monje, Bastian Deutschmann, Christian Ott, and Carlos Balaguer

  • Fractional-order precision motion control for mechatronic applications
    S. Hassan HosseinNia and Niranjan Saikumar

  • Development of fractional-order analog integrated controllers – application examples
    Costas Psychalinos

  • Synchronizations in fractional complex networks
    Changpin Li and Weiyuan Ma

  • New trends in synchronization of fractional-order chaotic systems
    Adel Ouannas and Viet-Thanh Pham

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