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Non Integer Order Calculus and Its Applications
(9th International Conference on Non-Integer Order Calculus and Its Applications, Lódz, Poland)

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Non Integer Order Calculus and Its Applications Editors Piotr Ostalczyk, Dominik Sankowski, Jacek Nowakowski , Institute of Applied Computer Science, Lodz University of Technology, Lodz, Poland.
Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering (LNEE) is a book series which reports the latest research and developments in Electrical Engineering, namely: Communication, Networks, and Information Theory, Computer Engineering, Signal, Image, Speech and Information Processing, Circuits and Systems, Bioengineering, Engineering The audience for the books in LNEE consists of advanced level students, researchers, and industry professionals working at the forefront of their fields. Much like Springer’s other Lecture Notes series, LNEE will be distributed through Springer’s print and electronic publishing channels.
After almost fifty years of struggle to become all over the world a recognized mathematical tool, the fractional calculus has found its place in various application domains. Here, we can mention technical, biological, economical sciences but first of all one should allude mathematics and physics. The beginning of the fractional calculus is dated on September 30, 1695, by a letter of Gottfried Leibnitz to Guillaume de l’Hôpital. Then the fractional calculus was a subject of interest of such mathematicians as Isaac Newton, Leonhard Euler, Joseph-Louis Lagrange, Joseph Fourier, Pierre-Simon Laplace, Joseph Liouville, Anton Grünvald, Karl Weierstrass, Oliver Heaviside, Magnus Mittag-Leffler. Since over forty years, the fractional calculus has been developing rapidly. This is probably due to the availability of computer calculations. Yet there are still scientific centers and scientists skeptically and actively criticizing the applicability of the fractional calculus. So it is worth to break through the scientific and technological walls. Because the “fractional community” grows rapidly, there is a great need for the scientific results’ exchange.

Non Integer Order Calculus and Its Applications Editors Piotr Ostalczyk, Dominik Sankowski, Jacek Nowakowski cover the following topics.

  • Decentralized Stabilization of Fractional Positive Descriptor Discrete-Time Linear Systems
    Tadeusz Kaczorek

  • Non-invasive Control of the Fractional Hegselmann–Krause Type Model
    Ricardo Almeida, Agnieszka B. Malinowska, and Tatiana Odzijewicz

  • Differintegarator Based on Fractional Calculus of Convex Functions
    Radoslaw Cioc

  • The AQM Dropping Packet Probability Function Based on Non-integer Order PIaDb Controller
    Adam Domanski, Joanna Domanska, Tadeusz Czachórski, Jerzy Klamka, and Jakub Szygula

  • New Numerical Techniques for Solving Fractional Partial Differential Equations in Conformable Sense
    Mehmet Yavuz and Necati Özdemir

  • Implementation of Low-Pass Fractional Filtering for the Purpose of Analysis of Electroencephalographic Signals
    Aleksandra Kawala-Janik, Waldemar Bauer, Amir Al-Bakri, Chase Haddix, Rajamanickam Yuvaraj, Katarzyna Cichon, and Wojciech Podraza

  • Grünwald-Letnikov-Laguerre Modeling of Discrete-Time Noncommensurate Fractional-Order State Space LTI MIMO Systems
    Krzysztof J. Latawiec, Rafal Stanislawski, Marian Lukaniszyn, Marek Rydel, and Boguslaw R. Szkuta

  • Stability Analysis of Fractional Discrete-Time Linear Scalar Systems with Pure Delay
    Andrzej Ruszewski

  • Duality Properties of Variable-Type and -Order Differences
    Wiktor Malesza and Dominik Sierociuk

  • A PLC Implementation of PSE Approximant for Fractional Order Operator
    Krzysztof Oprzedkiewicz, Edyta Gawin, and Wojciech Mitkowski

  • Memory-Effective Modifications of PSE Approximation
    Krzysztof Oprzedkiewicz

  • Comparison Fixed-Point and Floating-Point Implementation of Noninteger Filter of STM Microcontroller
    Waldemar Bauer and Wojciech Slowik

  • Fractional Derivative Approach in Modeling of a Nonlinear Coil for Ferroresonance Analyses
    Lukasz Majka

  • An Extended Kalman Filter for Time Delays Inspired by a Fractional Order Model
    Benedikt Haus and Paolo Mercorelli

  • Fractional Linear Systems with Memory Deficiency and Their State-Space Integer-Order Approximation
    Stefan Domek

  • Fractional Order System Analysis Analysis of Fractional Electrical Circuit Using Caputo and Conformable Derivative Definitions
    Ewa Piotrowska and Krzysztof Rogowski

  • Application of Fractional-Order Controller
    Magdalena Gertner

  • State Delays Extraction in the Fractional-Order State-Space Model
    Piotr Ostalczyk, Marcin Bakala, and Jacek Nowakowski

  • Solutions of Circuits with Fractional, Nonlinear Elements by Means of a SubIval Solver
    Marcin Sowa

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