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Introductory Calculus Notes by Ambar N. Sengupta

MathSchoolinternational.com contain houndreds of Free Math e-Books. Which cover almost all topics of mathematics. To see an extisive list of Calculus eBooks . We hope mathematician or person who’s interested in mathematics like these books.

Introductory Calculus Notes written by Ambar N. Sengupta cover the following topics.

  • Sets: Language and Notation
    Sets and Elements, Everything from nothing, Subsets, Union, Intersections, Complements, Integers and Rationals, Cartesian Products, Mappings and Functions, Sequences

  • The Extended Real Line
    The Real Line, The Extended Real Line

  • Suprema, Infima, Completeness
    Upper Bounds and Lower Bounds, Sup and Inf: Completeness, More on Sup and Inf

  • Neighborhoods, Open Sets and Closed Sets
    Intervals, Neighborhoods, Types of points for a set, Interior, Exterior, and Boundary of a Set, Open Sets and Topology, Closed Sets, Open Sets and Closed Sets, Closed sets in R and in R

  • Magnitude and Distance
    Absolute Value, Inequalities and equalities, Distance, Neighborhoods and distance

  • Limits
    Limits, Sup and Inf, Limits for 1/x, A function with no limits, Limits of sequences, Lim with sups and infs

  • Limits: Properties
    Up and down with limits, Limits: the standard definition, Limits: working rules, Limits by comparing, Limits of composite functions

  • Trigonometric Functions
    Measuring angles, Geometric specification of sin, cos and tan, Reciprocals of sin, cos, and tan, Identities, Inequalities, Limits for sin and cos, Limits with sin(1/x), Graphs of trigonometric functions, Postcript on trigonometric functions, Exercises on Limits

  • Continuity
    Continuity at a point, Discontinuities, Continuous functions, Two examples using Q, Composites of continuous functions, Continuity on R

  • The Intermediate Value Theorem
    Inequalities from limits, Intermediate Value Theorem, Intermediate Value Theorem: a second formulation, Intermediate Value Theorem: an application, Locating roots

  • Inverse Functions
    Inverse trigonometric functions, Monotone functions: terminology, Inverse functions

  • Maxima and Minima
    Maxima and Minima, Maxima/minima with infinities, Closed and bounded sets

  • Tangents, Slopes and Derivatives
    Secants and tangents, Derivative, Notation, The derivative of x^2, Derivative of x^3, Derivative of x^n, Derivative of x^−1 = 1/x, Derivative of x^−k = 1/x^k, Derivative of x^(1/2) =√x, Derivatives of powers of x, Derivatives with infinities

  • Derivatives of Trigonometric Functions
    Derivative of sin is cos, Derivative of cos is − sin, Derivative of tan is sec^2

  • Differentiability and Continuity
    Differentiability implies continuity

  • Using the Algebra of Derivatives
    Using the sum rule, Using the product rule, Using the quotient rule

  • Using the Chain Rule
    Initiating examples, The chain rule

  • Proving the Algebra of Derivatives
    Sums, Products, Quotients

  • Proving the Chain Rule
    Why it works, Proof the chain rule

  • Using Derivatives for Extrema
    Quadratics with calculus, Quadratics by algebra, Distance to a line, Other geometric examples, Exercises on Maxima and Minima

  • Local Extrema and Derivatives
    Local Maxima and Minima, Review Exercises

  • Mean Value Theorem
    Rolle’s Theorem, Mean Value Theorem, Rolle’s theorem on R

  • The Sign of the Derivative
    Positive derivative and increasing nature, Negative derivative and decreasing nature, Zero slope and constant functions

  • Differentiating Inverse Functions
    Inverses and Derivatives

  • Analyzing local extrema with higher derivatives
    Local extrema and slope behavior, The second derivative test

  • Exp and Log
    Exp summarized, Log summarized, Real Powers, Example Calculations, Proofs for Exp and Log

  • Convexity
    Convex and concave functions, Convexity and slope, Checking convexity/concavity, Inequalities from convexity/concavity, Convexity and derivatives, Supporting Lines, Convex combinations, Exercises on Maxima/Minima , Mean Value Theorem, Convexity

  • L’Hospital’s Rule
    Examples, Proving l’Hospital’s rule, Exercises on l’Hosptal’s rule

  • Integration
    From areas to integrals, The Riemann integral, Refining partitions, Estimating approximation error, Continuous functions are integrable, A function for which the integral does not exist, Basic properties of the integral

  • The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus
    Fundamental theorem of calculus, Differentials and integrals, Using the fundamental theorem, Indefinite integrals, Revisiting the exponential function

  • Riemann Sum Examples
    Riemann sums for N-1 dx/x^2, Riemann sums for 1/x, Riemann sums for x, Riemann sums for x^2, Power sums

  • Integration Techniques
    Substitutions, Some trigonometric integrals, Summary of basic trigonometric integrals, Using trigonometric substitutions, Integration by parts, Exercises on the Substitution Method

  • Paths and Length
    Paths, Lengths of paths, Paths and Curves, Lengths for graphs,

  • Selected Solutions, Bibliography

  • Preliminaries
    A Short Note on Proofs, Sets and Equivalence Relations

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