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How to Solve Word Problems in Calculus by Eugene Don, Benay Don
(A Solved Problem Approach)

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How to Solve Word Problems in Calculus by Eugene Don , Ph.D., Department of Mathematics, Queens College, Cuny and Benay Don , M.S., Department of Mathematics, Suffolk County Community College.
This book is designed to enable students of calculus to develop their skills in solving word problems. Most calculus textbooks present this topic in a cursory manner, forcing the student to struggle with the techniques of setting up and solving complex verbal problems. This book, which may be used as a supplement to all calculus textbooks, is presented in a manner that has proved so successful with the other books in the How to Solve Word Problems series: Concise definitions and discussion of appropriate theory in easily understood terms.  Fully worked out solutions to illustrative examples.  Supplementary problems with complete solutions.
The purpose of this book is to increase the student’s confidence in his or her ability to solve word problems. The material is presented in an easy-to-understand, readable manner and if the reader is willing to invest a little time and effort, he or she will be rewarded with a skill which will prove invaluable.

How to Solve Word Problems in Calculus by Eugene Don, Benay Don cover the following topics.

  • 1—Extracting Functions from Word
    Problems 1
     Strategy for Extracting Functions
     Number Problems
     Two-Dimensional Geometry Problems
     Three-Dimensional Geometry Problems
     Business and Economics Problems

  • 2—Rates of Change in the Natural and social Sciences
     Motion along a Straight Line
     Applications to Science and Engineering
     Business and Economics

  • 3—Related Rates

  • 4—Applied Maximum and Minimum

  • 5—Trigonometric Functions
     Related Rates
     Maximum-Minimum Problems

  • 6—Exponential Functions
     Exponential-Growth and Decay
     Continuous Compounding of Interest
     Additional Exponential Models

  • 7—Problems Involving Integrals
     Area Problems
     Volumes of Solids of Revolution

  • 8—Application to Business and Economics
     Rates of Change in Business
     Marginal Analysis in Economics
     Related Rates
     Inventory Control

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