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Calculus for Computer Graphics (Second Edition) by John Vince

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Calculus for Computer Graphics (Second Edition) by John Vince , Bournemouth University, Hereford, UK. Calculus is one of those subjects that appears to have no boundaries, which is why some Calculus books are so large and heavy! So when I started writing the first edition of this book, I knew that it would not fall into this category. It would be around 200 pages long and take the reader on a gentle journey through the subject, without placing too many demands on their knowledge of mathematics. Apart from reviewing the original text and correcting a few typos, this second edition incorporates 3 extra chapters, and all 175 illustrations are in colour. I have also extended Chap. 9 on arc length to include parameterisation of curves.

Calculus for Computer Graphics (Second Edition) by John Vince cover the following topics.

  • 1. Introduction
    2. Functions
    3. Limits and Derivatives
    4. Derivatives and Antiderivatives
    5. Higher Derivatives
    7. Integral Calculus
    8. Area Under a Graph
    9. Arc Length and Parameterisation of Curves
    10. Surface Area
    11. Volume
    12. Vector-Valued Functions
    13. Tangent and Normal Vectors
    14. Continuity
    15. Curvature
    16. Conclusion
    Appendix A: Limit of ðsin hÞ=h
    Appendix B: Integrating cosn h

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